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Docent bij Algorithmics in Den Haag #Bijbaan

Onderwijs vacature bij algorithmics den haag in Den Haag.


For the last six years, we have been developing future-ready education, teaching people the XXI century skills, and setting the trend for the education market. We were the first in Russia who hacked the scaling, quickly entered the international market (80 countries) having maintained the quality of our product. But this is still not enough for us.

We are rushing on and looking for the most qualified teacher for our youngest
programmers who are just getting to know the IT world: a Sensei, a mentor, someone who wants to do good — teach children! Helping them to develop, find growth points, overcome difficulties, and prove that they can do more!

What you need to know about us:
1. We are the smart rebels in the Edtech world, we generate crazy ideas and
implement them.
2. We have our own educational + video platform + Learning Management System =gun-power product!
3. Our quality, like love — is absolute.
4. We appreciate organized work, but people and their interaction are more
5. We are not afraid to make mistakes — after falling, we get up and win.
6. We work a lot, but we don't spend money on useless things.
7. We accept the unique nature of everyone, can support each other, and vividly relax together.

What you will have to do:
1. Create a cool, driven environment that you and your students would rush to every day. Set the mood!
2. Teach and inspire. The groups are small, up to 12 students.
● We have our own platform where the kids post their projects, vote,
communicate, write their own applications and games. This is next level!
● The tasks are already selected in a super-professional manner. Your task is to
motivate, guide, and help if something does not work out.
3. Provide feedback for parents on their children's successes, difficulties, and so on. Not every day but 4-5 times during a course.

And this is what you won’t be doing:
1. Write methodological guidelines and lesson plans — everything is already done.
You shall read it before the lesson and go ahead, lighting up the hearts!
2. Spend time checking homework. We simply don't have them.
3. Messing around with paperwork —no reports and unnecessary bureaucracy.
4. Check out "simple" tasks — an auto-check is provided. There are also tasks for
creating code and making projects at the end of the course. Here you will face
pure creativity: you help the children to discover their ideas, overcome difficulties,
and make a product they will be proud to present. Emotions and wow effects can
not be conveyed!

What skills are required?
1. Know and understand the basic concepts of algorithmization: performer,
algorithm, program, linear algorithm, loops. Therefore, it is important to have
working experience in The Coding Knight app and the creation of interactive games and cartoons in the Scratch Jr. And Scratch environment. If you are great
with something else — it's marvelous! We have a wide range of courses and can
connect you to several of them.
2. Love to teaching. This may not be a skill, but it is a super important condition.
3. Be able to explain complicated things in simple words and provide clear examples.
4. Experience of working with children of preschool age (5-7)— no way without it.

What we offer from our side
1. A cool team of young, vibrant pros! A team to hang out together and to learn from.
2. Training not only at the beginning but also during the process.
3. The support, love, and help of our tutors.
4. About money — starting from €20 for one lesson (1.5 hours).
5. We will provide you with workload. We are growing at a cosmic speed and ready to give you as many groups as you can teach without straining :)
6. You choose the schedule by signing up for the classes according to your
schedule: on weekdays we start from 15.30, and on weekends from 10.00.

Well, your eyes lit up, and your heart is pounding: Algorithmics? Don't wait — send us your CV! Let's create cool education together!

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